All of Anthony's steampunk lamps, guns and other goods are handmade. This military boy, turned artist runs his own construction business and building his art is his way of relaxing and enjoying life.Each piece is ONE OF A KIND.With built in dimmer switches, solid brass and wood, plaques with interesting historical diddies, vacuum tubes, guns or milk never know what you may find in Anthony's workshop. Anthony builds his creations from recycled materials such as solid brass, vintage and antique parts and pieces, wood...and no plastics.Thank you for supporting local & independent artists!All gauges and meters are decoration only and may feature antique, vintage and even rare pieces.Due to the nature of the antique, vintage and recycled items used to build these lamps, there will be natural flaws, dings, scratches and imperfections. Pieces are sold as-is.

Monday, August 12, 2013

A chat with Stephen Fitz-Gerald

I have had the distinct pleasure of chatting with one of my favorite artists...Stephen Fitz-Gerald. I discovered his work while networking on Facebook, and fell in love with his incredibly diverse expression. Stephen creates music, enjoys photography & creates lovely and moving metal sculpture

Stephen enjoys many different mediums, as he believes that becoming fluent in as many as possible gives a greater scope and depth to ones artistic expression. He believes an idea isn't always reducible to sculpture, sometimes being more aptly expressed in a song, painting, or in a photograph.
Click here to visit Stephen Fitz-Gerald's website and see his fantastic work

He proclaims that he had the very best of teachers...his parents. The art of expression being made available to him by his parents allowed Stephen to develop a deep appreciation for the arts.

If you sample some of Stephen music, you may be surprised to find out that he creates everything on a little 4 track recorder, while playing his own instruments. He enjoys playing his acoustic guitar & synthesizer (as he put and creates his music in the late night hours, in the peace of his home. He has no desire to play in public, as he uses his music to listen to in the studio while working on metal sculpture, or for reverie before and after sleep, where most of his sculptural ideas get formed.
So, cheers to you Stephen...your art is a joy to appreciate. Thank you and keep creating!

If you are lucky enough to live in the Napa, CA area, be sure to visit Stephen's current one man show at Liken Gallery which will be available through August 2013.
Liken Gallery, Napa, CA - Stephen Fitz-Gerald Exhibit

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