All of Anthony's steampunk lamps, guns and other goods are handmade. This military boy, turned artist runs his own construction business and building his art is his way of relaxing and enjoying life.Each piece is ONE OF A KIND.With built in dimmer switches, solid brass and wood, plaques with interesting historical diddies, vacuum tubes, guns or milk never know what you may find in Anthony's workshop. Anthony builds his creations from recycled materials such as solid brass, vintage and antique parts and pieces, wood...and no plastics.Thank you for supporting local & independent artists!All gauges and meters are decoration only and may feature antique, vintage and even rare pieces.Due to the nature of the antique, vintage and recycled items used to build these lamps, there will be natural flaws, dings, scratches and imperfections. Pieces are sold as-is.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cape Town, South Africa is doing Steampunk & coffee right...



The most amazing Steampunk coffee shop in Cape Town, South Africa. While stumbling around on Facebook, the most beautiful pounded tin caught my eye in a picture. Who knew it would be attached to a place I wish I could visit every single morning to start my day...



OUR MANIFESTO: Not all coffees are created equal. The streets are overflowing with watery brew; and this taste-bud nightmare continues to exist because good people remain silent. No longer! This travesty of coffee justice ends right here with this institution. At Truth. the bitter horror of the over-roasted bean is avoided, the coarse grind is banished and poor preparation is shunned. Say no to mediocrity!  
          Experience coffee as a religion. TRUTH. coffeecult

What do you believe in?
(excerpt from website)
We passionately believe in quality above all else.
We know that we have to live up to our name.
We believe in continuous learning. We believe in challenging the fundamental principles applying to everything that we do because we know that there is always a better way.
We believe in being involved.
We believe in the potential and the power of the individual. WE BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE ARE OUR ASSETS. We know that our collective ability will achieve the extra-ordinary.
We believe that if it is worth doing anything, it is worth Being world class, challenging the constant tide of mediocrity.
We don’t believe in hiding behind the hype, hoopla and certification of Sustainability, Organic or Fair trade, We believe that you are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Our brand needs to make a real world difference.
Honesty in our beliefs and relationships is part of what makes us who we are.
Now we happen to make coffee. These principles apply to every facet of our coffee.
This is TRUTH.

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